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Practical Health Strategies is a Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness practice centered on the Value of Health through optimizing the health-related quality of life and productivity with a special emphasis on the role of sleep. Using a modern "Lifestyle Medicine" approach, we focus on the health-related quality of life with a special emphasis on sleep and productivity which lays the foundation for a meaningful and lasting lifestyle improvement. Dr. Dawkins has provided Lifestyle Medicine solutions throughout his thirty years of sleep center practice and helps you achieve your optimal health and productivity through realistic and practical lifestyle choices and Rhythm of Life.

What is Lifestyle Medicine? Lifestyle Medicine is the practice of promoting scientifically substantiated and evidence-based optimal sleep, nutrition, activity, and stress management behaviors with the goal of naturally reaching your peak health and productivity. Lifestyle Medicine can help manage, minimize, or even resolve your lifestyle related diseases and disorders. Lifestyle Medicine is NOT Alternative Medicine or Naturopathy nor does it advocate the use of supplements, nutraceuticals, "miracle foods" or devices. Practical Health Strategies Lifestyle Medicine programs complement and supplement, not replace, the advice and treatment of your primary care doctor.

Practical Health Strategies' individual online choices are three-month targeted programs or the six-month comprehensive program. The targeted program choices are: The Rhythm of Life: Sleep, Health & Productivity, which includes our "My Optimum Sleep Training" insomnia program, The Rhythm of Life: Dine, don't Diet, The Rhythm of Life: Activity & Exercise. The comprehensive program is a six-month package of all three targeted programs.

Practical Health Strategies business wellness programs incorporate our Lifestyle Medicine approach into a group setting with optional individual online follow-up. We do not include the often ridiculed and morale deflating intrusive "health risk assessment" and biometrics that can result in ADA lawsuits. Many wellness programs offered by hospitals, large medical practices, other medical service providers, and insurance companies are little more than health fairs with biometric and screening medical tests often managed by the marketing department. These programs can actually increase your medical expenses.

Practical Health Strategies wellness programs are expressly designed to be compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) and can be a "reasonable alternative" safe harbor when added to your current wellness program. We are not in the business of selling nutritional or weight-loss products, exercise equipment, or "wearable" gadgets and, unlike many wellness programs, our program will not directly increase your medical expenses beyond the cost of the program itself.

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