The Practical Health Strategies Difference

Wellness Plans you can Live With!

"Wellness" programs range from onsite health fairs with medical screening tests, to weight loss programs, fitness, and smoking cessation programs, to online coaching programs with smartphone apps.  

Onsite health fairs with biometric and screening medical tests, repackaged as wellness programs, are often offered by hospitals, large medical practices, other medical service providers, and insurance companies. Screening tests, by design, result in false positive results requiring followup testing in the provider's facility. These programs are often managed by the marketing department with the coordinator evaluated on how much business the program brings, and can actually increase your medical expenses.

Practical Health Strategies focuses on the health related quality of life,with an emphasis on sleep and productivity, rather than simply health related behavior or health "risk factors".  Addressing the impact of health status on quality of life and productivity lays the foundation for meaningful and lasting lifestyle optimization. Dr Dawkins helps you achieve your optimal health and productivity through realistic and practical lifestyle choices.

We are not in the business of providing medical services or medical advice nor in the business of selling nutritional products, exercise equipment, or "wearable" gadgets. We encourage you to establish a relationship with a primary care physician for medical care. We give you the specific health knowledge you need to effectively communicate with your doctor, to get the most from that relationship, and to be an informed consumer of medical services.

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