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The goal of Practical Health Strategies is to help you optimize your health and wellness, your overall physical and emotional quality of life, your physical well-being, and your productivity. Programs focus on those life activities that contribute to optimal health in the areas of energy balance and weight management, nutrition, activity, sleep, fitness and physical performance, stress management and professional performance. The goal of Practical Health Strategies programs is to give you the information, the tools and the motivation.

Targeted and comprehensive programs are available online for individuals.  Group programs are delivered onsite by Dr. Dawkins and are ideal for small groups such as church groups, social clubs, fitness clubs, etc. Corporate programs are delivered onsite for small to medium sized businesses. They are designed to optimize the health and well-being of your employees and associates to maximize productivity, improve health related quality of life.

Choose the Best Program for You:

Onsite Programs may be offered as individual keynote or seminar presentations, as a short series of health and productivity related presentations with an emphasis on sleep, or as a complete employee or group "wellness" program.

Keynote & Luncheon presentations
(may be adapted from 30 to 75 minutes):

"How to Avoid the Lifestyle Disease" As of 2015, the US ranked #43 in life expectancy, behind most wealthy countries and right after the Turks and Caicos Islands. The World Health Organization predicts that by 2030 life expectancy in the US, Mexico, and Croatia will be similar.

In the past 25 years the number of people in the US diagnosed with diabetes has more than tripled. CDC data reveals that after decades of decline, deaths from heart disease has increased in recent years, and the number of cancer deaths continues to climb, as it has for decades. Yet, the fact that the “obesity epidemic” includes our pets suggests that taxing sugary beverages and fast food is not the solution.

In this engaging keynote presentation, Dr Dawkins shares data that suggests, to paraphrase Pogo, the enemy is us and then shares simple, and sometimes unexpected, solutions. It’s not just “life balance” but the "Rhythm of Life."

"How to Do More in a Knowledge Based Business; What the millennials get right, for the wrong reason"More than fifty years of research in sleep, alertness and performance has shown the limits of, and the optimal timing for, human productivity. Largely conducted by the military, this research explores mission execution in sustained operations, in high stress operations and/or in extreme conditions. The results have exposed how our biological rhythm varies throughout the day and its significance in timing our important tasks and our rest.
Knowledge of these biological rhythms are invaluable in managing any business and may contribute to the output, morale, safety and health of the employees.

Half-day onsite workshop or Conference breakout sessions:

1. "The Journey to Health"This session addresses the importance of health to the quality of life and in productivity, beginning with a proprietary health related quality of life assessment tool. This program expands the information in the ebook "Ten SIMPLE Secrets for Better Health" and is the introduction to the structured wellness program.

2. "Sleep, Health & Productivity"We spend approximately one-third of our lives asleep but many of us look at that time as wasted. This session addresses the importance of sleep to our health and productivity and the effects of sleep deprivation. It introduces the audience to the causes of poor sleep quality and the techniques for optimizing sleep.

3. "Insomnia Solutions" Estimates suggest that 30% of adults experience significant insomnia complaints at least sometime in their lives. Yet for many people, the only solution available is sleeping medication which ultimately loses effectivity. This session provides an overview of the causes of insomnia, the types of insomnia, and appropriate techniques for correcting insomnia and is an introduction to our "My Optimum Sleep Training" (MOST) insomnia program.

or, for extended operations:

"Shiftwork and Sleep" Shiftwork is a fact of modern life but takes its toll on the mental and physical health of the worker and affects the plant's safety and productivity record. This session covers the special challenge shiftwork presents to the worker, the worker's family, the safety officer and top management. It is an essential component of a wellness program in a shiftwork facility.

4. "Medical Wellness"The increasing role of corporate medicine has made medical service more protocol driven and less personal. The goal of this session is to help the participant become a more informed consumer in the modern medical provider system. This program is designed as the closing of our structured onsite wellness programs.

Video recorded programs are self-paced with unlimited access. Interactive online programs include online video meetings, continuous online support forums and intermittent online chat, specific email support with personal question and answer possibility, taylored recommendations, and specialized health related information.

Video Programs (recorded) include "How to Tolerate CPAP Therapy for your Sleep Apnea" (free) and "My Optimum Sleep Training" ($25). Upcoming programs include "Living well with Shiftwork" and "How to Lose Weight for your Sleep Apnea" ranging in price from $20 to $50.   Preview videos are available for the paid programs, follow the link.

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 Comprehensive Wellness Program (six months) is our most effective program includes access to each of our other programs. The best option for overall health improvement is priced at $99, averaging less than $4 per week..

Targeted Wellness: Sleep (three months) specifically focuses on sleep quality. It includes our sleep optimization program. If you need a "sleep study" we will help you select a nearby provider and consult with you about results. Priced at $49, approximately $4 per week.

Targeted Wellness: Activity & Exercise (three months) focuses on both incidental daily activity and more deliberate exercise. It is not a narrow fitness program but a balanced life activity program. It includes the Active Living Every Day program validated at the Cooper Institute. Priced at $49, approximately $4 per week.

Targeted Wellness: Dining & Diet (three months) focuses on realistic and dietary and eating habits. It includes the Healthy Eating Every Day program validated at the Cooper Institute. It is not a weight loss nor weight gain program but most people can reach a comfortable and healthy weight level with wholesome diet and eating habits. Priced at $49, approximately $4 per week.

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