Sleep and Attention deficit

Data presented today at the Southern Sleep Society annual meeting in New Orleans showed that sleep deprivation in children resulted in cognitive deficits and one hour of sleep deprivation per night for one week resulted in demonstrable changes in brain activity similar to those found in attention deficit disorder. Data from another study showed that children were getting less sleep than their parents estimated and significantly less than historical recommendations.

At Practical Health Strategies, sleep has a central role in our health management and wellness plans.

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Falling asleep on the job!

A very timely program this morning at the Southern Sleep Society meeting in New Orleans entitled “Sleep and Circadian Factors in Transportation Safety” puts the response to the air traffic controller issue in Washington in perspective. The “knee jerk” reaction was to order a second air controller on the shift, which only leads to two sleepy controllers rather than just one, instead of addressing the problem of shiftwork and sleepiness. Much research on this subject is often ignored by employers, including the US federal government.

Practical Health Strategies has experience in shiftwork consultation and provides scientifically based recommendations for optimal safety and health.

Wellness plans you can live with!

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Exercise alone may reverse “metabolic syndrome”

Hypertension, insulin resistance, and dyslipidemia, often referred to as metabolic syndrome, is common among overweight/obese adults and is even beginning to be seen in adolescents.  Metabolic syndrome can be modeled in rats by high-fat diet-induced obesity.  A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, demonstrated reversal of the metabolic syndrome in obese rats by exercise alone and suggested that exercise is more effective than diet modification.

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